SSIS-948 “Hey, let me borrow your bath…” I felt like a woman from my big-breasted colleague’s naughty wet hair and defenseless breasts… Aika Yumeno – Yumeno Aika


“My water heater broke so I couldn’t take a bath…” Yumeno, a junior who lives in the same dormitory, was in trouble, so I decided to lend her the bath. I get restless just knowing that my big-breasted, cute co-worker is using the shower in my room. When I secretly peeked into the changing room, I saw freshly taken off underwear… Her breasts were so soft that I couldn’t help but get an erection… I couldn’t do it any more… Even though I desperately tried to suppress my ulterior motives… Her wet hair smelled sweet after taking a bath. A sexy nape that you don’t see at work, and breasts that are too defenseless. There are only two men and women in the room… This situation is too dangerous! My nipples were so transparent that I couldn’t tell where to look during conversation, and I couldn’t get into what was being said. Is this inviting me? misunderstanding? As I was thinking about this, I got so drunk that I dozed off. If it’s just a little bit… I couldn’t resist and touched her breasts and she woke up! I get angry! Be beaten! When I thought about it…does it mean that it’s OK to say no and not resist? I got even more excited and started to devour her naughty body, fucking her and making her cum… By the time I came back to myself, it was already over. Yumeno awkwardly left the room. I did something terrible…I don’t know what to do…Even at work, they wouldn’t listen to me. While I was thinking about it while taking a bath, Yumeno came to borrow the bath again.

Date: มีนาคม 1, 2024
Actors: Aika Yumeno