JUQ-256 A single room where a married woman who received a duplicate key was vaginal cum shot until the male student graduated. Kana Mito


I wonder if I was drinking with my girlfriend at the tavern. However, by chance, he gets into a petty argument with Tatsuya, a student drinking next to him. While arguing over trivial matters, the distance between them narrowed, and at some point, I ended up having a relationship with Tatsuya. And I think Tatsuya gave me a spare key to the room saying, “I hope we can see each other anytime…”. Using a spare key, she spends her time doing housework in Tatsuya’s room, and when she comes home, she accepts the young and active Tatsuya’s libido over and over again in a limited amount of time.

Date: กุมภาพันธ์ 27, 2024
Actors: Kana Mito