DVDMS-277 Youth Memorial SEX Document Hikaru-chan AV Debut Immediately after the graduation ceremony, a beautiful girl girl in the wind music club who got on a magic mirror flight ○ I will show you a shameful pure SEX with a baseball club classmate who has been unrequited love from the support stand for 3 years! Hikaru Minazuki


I have a report for everyone! This time, the No. 1 pure and pure girl in the history of magic mirror flights will debut as an exclusive actress for Deeps! The name is Hikaru-chan! -We Deeps, who were fascinated by her innocence that we met immediately after the graduation ceremony of the school, started the AV debut project without permission! I’m sure everyone will fall in love! Don’t miss the debut work of a miracle amateur girl who has all of “cuteness”, “embarrassment” and “pure heart”! !!

Date: ธันวาคม 28, 2023