JUFD-744 I’m being fired every night between my mother and daughter sleeping in the shape of a river that was lustful for my big cock … – Yumi Kazama


Takeshi suddenly had a mother and sister due to his father’s remarriage. Yumi, her mother-in-law, and Tomoe, her sister-in-law, are both attractive women with outstanding style, and Takeshi was confused, but her father would spend time with her mother-in-law on a business trip. Unfortunately, the rain leaked and Takeshi’s room became unusable, and the three of them fell asleep in the shape of a river. I desperately put up with the lust for the mother and daughter sleeping next to me, but when I saw the big cock that erected in Bing, the mother and daughter showed their true nature and began to seduce Takeshi in the shape of a river.

Date: มกราคม 22, 2024