JRZE-039 First Shooting Age Fifty Wife Documentary Ryoko Izumi


“If you are asked to choose between kissing without sex and sex without kissing, you may choose kissing without sex …” Ryoko Izumi, 56, a housewife who loves kissing so much. – Her relaxed and self-sufficient ripe wife celebrating her 30th year of marriage. – “Even if I get older and can’t have sex, I just want to keep kissing … I like kissing that much (laughs).” Ryoko says she still loves her husband once a week. I feel like eating a kiss with my husband who has become paler than in the past. – She wants more sticky, rich, and melty male and female eros, so today I’m going to go around with her instinct.

Date: มีนาคม 12, 2024
Actors: Ryoko Izumi