GDRD-005 Red Dragon Mary Tachibana


The famous cabaret club “Red Dragon” that offers the best entertainment in Tokyo. Including a super famous AV actress who is currently active, we carry out a complete collaboration AV shooting at a shop where an actress that everyone knows is enrolled! S # 1 Mary-chan, who has been busy with shooting recently and is rarely at work. G-cup huge breasts that seem to pop so much that the chest of the dress can’t be closed is tempting customers with Dragon’s specialty “Chingura”! The liquor that spilled on my chest is pushed against my breast, saying, “Wipe it, wipe it.” While worrying about the surroundings, I fell through the gap in the chuck. A man shoots with breastfeeding handjob so as not to be caught in the store! “It’s a secret from the store,” he said, wiping it off with a wet towel. In the S#2 interview, Mary’s cute and sexy feeling is full of “I’ve been working at the store for a long time, and when I heard about it, I was really looking forward to it (laughs)” about this collaboration work! S#3 Mary serving customers. Slowly start flirting with a man. Mary, who has been tipsy and horny, takes a man to the toilet and inserts it with a condom from Berokisu, a thick blowjob, and fucking! Mary who keeps her voice in check. The man is also very satisfied with the cleaning fellatio. S#4 Shop sanctuary, changing room. Mary, who has finished her work for the day, is changing into plain clothes. While filming the situation, listening to the failure story about alcohol, in response to the question “Mary, do you ever have an after party with a customer?” S # 5 After walking around the city, he suddenly says, “I haven’t had enough to drink yet… I want to go somewhere where I can drink slowly…”. A man who came to the store is called to the hotel, and Mary, whose libido has exploded with alcohol, approaches. Berokisu becomes a horse rider with tipsy. From teasing nipples to blowjobs and fucking, men get excited and make Mary squid many times with caresses such as finger fuck. At first, she had a rubber on, but when Mary got excited and took off the rubber on the way, she said to the bewildered man, “I don’t need rubber, it feels better to be raw.” If it’s still not enough, I’ll change some positions and get excited. Before long, the second shot is also vaginal cum shot. If you still want to do it, you will be excited with each other at the missionary position. After the third vaginal cum shot, Mary’s cleaning fellatio with a satisfied smile.

Date: กุมภาพันธ์ 27, 2024
Actors: Mary Tachibana