MIMK-009 Crimson x Moody’s Collaboration Work Female Undercover Investigator Maria Ohashi Miku


Moody’s 12th Anniversary Special Project! Miku Ohashi urgently participates in the second Crimson collaboration work! Maria Kagami, who has all the strength, intelligence, and beauty, has been raised as the chairman as the best masterpiece since the beginning of the special forces. However, he has to play “a weak ordinary woman” as instructed by his boss at the undercover investigation destination, and he goes into obscene sexual harassment one after another without exerting his own power at all. Maria can’t resist because of the chairman’s order, and Maria can be played with as much as she wants by ordinary people who would normally be able to conquer in an instant. Pleasure is given without being able to do anything, and while obscene words continue to be thrown, he gets confused and begins to lose sight of himself. And Maria …! !! [Doujin] Click here for the original “Strong and Noble Woman”!

Date: ธันวาคม 21, 2023
Actors: Ohashi Miku