URE-065 The indecent world view drawn by the evangelist of a sensual beauty mature woman is obscenely live-action with exclusive Yumi Kazama! !! !! Original, Koshiyama Weakness Rumored Woman Live-action Original Brush Down & Plenty of 4P Episodes Dense 4 Production! !!


Yumi Kazama is a faithful live-action version of the original “Woman of Rumors” by Yumi Kazama, the evangelist of a beautiful mature woman. !! “If you pay 808 yen at a greengrocer, you can get the secret service …” When a male student who truly received such a rumor heads for it with courage. Far from the secret service, he gives a sermon to the aunt of Yahyakuya. Still, the aunt who lost the enthusiasm of the student desperately begging began to take off his pants, saying “I can’t help it …”. Includes plenty of new and 4P episodes depicting the subsequent live-action original development!

Date: มกราคม 16, 2024
Actors: Yumi Kazama