STARS-647 Horny Interlude Newest AV Love Lesson – Honjou Suzu


STARS-647 New movie 2022 starring Honjou Suzu. New job in July of Suzu Honjou girl with aggression, managing to seduce young men so that they can’t resist, even if there are other people nearby, they won’t be afraid. Suzu uses passionate kisses to make her enchanted and spice it up with hot sex. The event allowed us to see a variety of different situations, such as a boxing trainer in a gym. Then he seduces the hero and invites him to go do his best in the changing room. Even though there are people practicing outside, he doesn’t care.

Followed by a scene of drinking in a bar. When giving eyes to a young man causing him to fall heavily Powerful sex ensues in a corner of the bar. Even though there are people drinking and eating nearby, young people can still secretly enjoy each other. Let’s get to the office scene. Suzu took a liking to the younger man. So I managed to look into the thread so that we could understand each other. Fun in the office ensues.

Let’s end with the scene at home. When she had to call a technician to fix something that was broken. However, it seems that this work must have made our technicians exhausted. Because Suzu had tempted him to the point that he couldn’t resist. A beautiful woman offers a pose in front of me, or will I refuse? So the technicians were able to relax and enjoy themselves, and this was the work of seduction and excitement. It also emphasizes the passionate kiss from the Suzu girl. Anyone who is a fan shouldn’t miss it.

Date: มิถุนายน 17, 2024
Actors: Honjou Suzu