SSNI-474 A Beautiful Wife Whose Husband Married Her So He Could Fuck Her On A Daily Basis. The Story Of Disgrace That Begins On Their Wedding Night. Tsukasa Aoi


Tsukasa, a beautiful wife who seems to have married an ideal man that everyone envy. From my husband’s strong desire to “cherish” to the first night, my physical relationship was in a state of entrustment. On the first day of moving to a new house, the’first night’was waiting for Tsukasa, who was floating when the dream life began, was beyond imagination. “I’m an unlucky person, but thank you.” If you raise your head deeply and raise your face, you will be slapped suddenly and if your limbs are restrained, you will be violated by your husband. The crazy brainwashing training of her husband begins on that night.

Date: มกราคม 6, 2024
Actors: Aoi Tsukasa