SSIS-883 While on a business trip, I unexpectedly ended up sharing a room with a middle-aged sexually harassing boss that I hated… Akari Momoka, a new I-cup employee who kept getting orgasmed over and over again during the unparalleled sexual intercourse that lasted until the morning. – Momoka Akari


Akari ends up going on a business trip with her sexually harassing boss, whom she has hated for a long time. At a dinner with a business partner, she is made to drink a lot and gets dirty… and then she is taken straight to the manager’s room. While she was sleeping, her plump breasts and buttocks were touched and secretly filmed, which finally crossed the line of harassment! She licks the beautiful white woman’s body in a vulgar SEX that makes her cum in a strong way, and from there she doesn’t stop even if she cums! At first, Akari reluctantly obeyed, but with her boyfriend’s old man’s technique, she repeatedly indulged in new sensations of pleasure and was transformed into a lewd woman over the course of one night…

Date: มีนาคม 1, 2024
Actors: Momoka Akari