SSIS-600 Every Night, I’m Fucking A Completely Defenseless Wife Who Falls Asleep At The Laundromat And I’m Fucking Until I Finish Washing Ichika Hoshimiya


Suzuki, who is a habitual criminal of underwear mud, has helped Ichika who was in trouble on the side of the road before, and was hot in the crotch of a married woman who looked good with beautiful legs and light clothes. One afternoon, when Suzuki went to his usual laundry shop, Ichika was the first customer. However, I’m tired of housework and childcare, and I’m dozing off… Suzuki takes out the panties of the married woman from the washing tub and masturbates to being asleep. The next day, when Suzuki goes, Suzuki’s abnormal behavior steadily escalates with Ichika sleeping next to him.

Date: มีนาคม 1, 2024