SNIS-307 My female boss during the day, my female guy at night ● Akiho Yoshizawa


At the company I work for, the female chief (30 years old) always yells at me. But I keep it secret from all my colleagues, but in fact, my female boss, Mr. Yoshizawa, is my girlfriend … Akiho transforms into an S boss who is strict at work from noon to work, and a spoiled M guy at night to home. Gonzo posted on an adult site, cuckolded by a close friend and sexual intercourse … The relationship between the boss and his subordinates, him and her, and the two who reverses is accelerated by the desire for sex. A new drama series delivered by S1 x Akiho Yoshizawa!

Date: ธันวาคม 29, 2023
Actors: Yoshizawa Akiho