PRED-140 For a week without her husband, she continues to be vaginal cum shot by a gloomy butler … Aika Yamagishi


Yamagishi, the chief maid who pledges absolute loyalty to her husband. From ancient times, he spent his days faithfully fulfilling his duties with Tabuchi, the oldest butler of the mansion who served his husband, and his subordinate maids. One day, when the husband goes on a business trip for a week, Tabuchi’s vicious nature is revealed. Forcibly commits Yamagishi and threatens to “invite himself.” Ryo Nakadashi who is hidden behind other maids and repeated. Yamagishi vowed to endure until the Lord who swore allegiance returned. [MOODYZ Campaign 30% OFF 3rd] has ended. * Click here for details such as privilege information

Date: มกราคม 16, 2024
Actors: Aika Yamagishi