MIMK-138 A live-action version of a story about a girl who gets into it and lets her use her pussy. Doujin sales exceed 150,000 copies! Achieved 3 crowns in the FANZA doujin ranking! A live-action adaptation of an unprecedented blockbuster! Amiri Saito


[MOODYZ’s first collaboration with the highly anticipated super-new Circle Amamami Honpo] Digital doujin sales exceed 150,000 copies! It is sure to wake you up to a new sensation of downer x no reaction fetishism, which is familiar from advertisements! A gal who spends her time at an otaku house reading manga. Even if you act arrogant, otakus don’t care. Because… “I’ll let you use my pussy”! While you’re at home, if you get horny, it’s OK to cum right away! “Huh… again?” she says, but her pussy is exposed! I thought it was a tuna, but it gradually turned into heat due to the persistent piston! Forget about the manga and rape the otaku in reverse and get extremely excited! Eh… even cum inside! ! ? A magnificent live-action version of the masterpiece of the new era! [Recommended for the following people] ■I like cool girls■I get chills when I’m treated coldly■I get angry even though they’re doing something else while I’m playing■I want to have sex with girls as much as I want■I’m even ignored I also like ■I want to see the gap between girls who gradually feel the difference■I want to be forced to have an erection and get fucked■I want to be a little gentler at the end

Date: กุมภาพันธ์ 11, 2024
Actors: Amiri Saito