JUQ-405: Inviting a Girl for Camping, Swinging All Night – Watch AV Film Starring Akari Mitani.


Starring: Tsumugi Akari 明里つむぎ in JUQ-405 AVJapan. In this Japanese AV film, the story revolves around Tsumugi, a stunning actress who plays the role of a woman taking care of her village. Today, at her village, a group of men sets up camp in the nearby forest. As a member of the village women’s association, she invites her husband to check on the peacefulness. However, her husband declines, citing his busy schedule, so she volunteers to go alone. She requests a ride from the group who set up the camp and joins them in the forest, making a total of four people. As they drink and socialize, she finds herself easily intoxicated and ends up sleeping in one of their tents. She is then taken advantage of and ravished by them, unable to resist. As two more men join in, they aggressively have their way with her, leaving her thoroughly exhausted by morning. How will her story unfold? Watch the full Japanese AV film to find out.

Date: พฤษภาคม 7, 2024
Actors: Akari Mitani