JUQ-333 A random challenge, the cause of NTR. Newest AV – Rio Kuriyama


JUQ-333 The new 2023 movie stars Rio Kuriyama as the beautiful wife. There is a story about a senior at work who challenged a junior. If you are confident in your words, come and try flirting with his wife. I am sure that your wife loves you very much and will not cheat on you. At first I thought it was a joke, but I did it and I was serious. Brought this junior to his house to eat and drink, introduced him to his wife, and then fell asleep drunk as planned. But the mess happened because his older brother’s wife was playing along with him, and it wasn’t as he was sure. Now, the younger generation is fascinated, whenever there is an opportunity, he always comes to lure this senior’s wife.

Date: มิถุนายน 5, 2024
Actors: Rio Kuriyama