JUQ-169 “Really, it’s only 3cm at the tip…” A week of teasing cum shots that are more than friends and less than adultery, starting with a playhood friend who met again after a long time. Hibiki Ohtsuki – Hibiki Otsuki


After several years of marriage, he got used to quarreling with his wife, and three weeks have passed since she returned to her parents’ house. When I was complaining alone, I received a phone call from my childhood friend Hibiki. We talked about meeting after a long time, so I invited Hibiki to my house. When I am immersed in memories, I push down Hibiki because of my frustration. Kissing is no good… but what if it’s something else? When asked, he did not deny or affirm with a flushed face. And if it’s only 3 cm, it’s not cheating, and a distorted unfaithful relationship begins. Free trial points for the first time!

Date: มกราคม 6, 2024
Actors: Ootsuki Hibiki