JRZE-038 First Shooting Married Woman Document Mai Yoshine


Mai Yoshine is 30 years old. – A family of three, a husband 10 years older and a son 3 years old. – My husband, who was happy and fat after getting married, has been suffering from back pain for about two years, and Mai is suffering from sexlessness. – She tried to manage her meals and went to the gym with her, but her husband didn’t see any effect, she just spurred obesity, and there was no hope that her back pain would improve at all … Sometimes sex is too much. Remain weak. – She is patient and Mai-san stepped on this application. – She “please take plenty of time to love me (laughs)” She wants to drown in sex like her lovers for the first time in a while. – She doesn’t look like a slim body trained in the softball club when she was a student. – Please have a look at the whole story of delicate limbs squeaking flexibly with dynamic sex! – !!

Date: มีนาคม 12, 2024
Actors: Mai Yoshine