JRZE-034 First Shooting Married Woman Document Miku Kanda


“I was pregnant, got married, quit my job. I thought I became a housewife, but I wasn’t suitable at all (laughs).” Mitsuhisa Kanda, 33 years old, a full-time housewife. – She currently lives with her husband, who is in her eighth year of marriage, and her eldest daughter, who is seven years old. – During her pre-marriage office lady era, she repeated one night love at joint parties and pick-ups, and she had an affair with her wife and child’s boss. – She believed and dreamed that her goal would be to join her family at the end of her marriage, but unexpectedly “the boring and unstimulating days of happiness” bothered Miku. rice field. – She is the character of the AV appearance she jumped in at that time. – We decided to do our utmost to support her selfish desire to “forget about her family for a day and immerse herself in the extraordinary.”

Date: มีนาคม 12, 2024
Actors: Kanda Mikubo