IPZZ-074 Pay off debt for your younger brother. Must be offered as a body, new AV movie – Honoka Furukawa


IPZZ-074 The chaotic story of an older sister and younger brother who are the only two people left. Therefore, the elder sister has always taken on the duty of taking care of and protecting her younger sibling. But when her mischievous brother is caught by the Yakuza gang for embezzlement, If you don’t earn money to use it, there’s hope your younger sibling will definitely be ordered to keep it. So she approached the gang leader and agreed to work to repay the debt. So they offered her to be a sex slave for 10 days and then everything would go away. Unbelievably, she agreed without hesitation. All of this because I love my younger sibling so much that I am willing to suffer for her.

Date: พฤษภาคม 24, 2024
Actors: Honoka Furukawa