IPX-714 My Slut Teacher Messed With My Cherry Boy Cock, And I Could Never Ever Forget The Experience … Minami Aizawa


Takashi, who works at a general company, lives a normal life, but in fact ● I had the experience of being deprived of my virginity by my homeroom teacher Minami during school days and continued to be played with after that, and even now I am a member of society and that is traumatic. As a result, I wasn’t satisfied with my normal love because I wasn’t stimulated enough. One day, I happened to meet Minami-sensei. Memories of the past that rekindle with the encounter. The distorted form of love between a de S teacher and a de M student. The two who burn up at once with their memories continue to do so many times …

Date: ธันวาคม 5, 2023
Actors: Minami Aizawa