HUNTB-633 3rd year class C’s school festival refreshment stand is a time-stopped cafe Always stop! You can be sexually harassed at any time at a time-stop cafe, whether you look at panchira, touch boobs, or kiss…


The refreshment booth for the 3rd grade C school festival is the “Time Stop Café”. Just press the stopwatch to stop the female clerk’s time at any time! A concept cafe to do. Girls who abide by the rule of time stop have their skirts turned up, their pants seen, and even if they touch them, they endure it! In addition, we respond to customers who take extreme actions in a whole body freeze state. But my voice comes out unintentionally! The concept is to stop time. Don’t miss the anguished expressions of girls who sway between rules and pleasure!

Date: กุมภาพันธ์ 11, 2024