EKDV-530 Yuna Ishikawa’s first soap


“Today I will do my best to make you like me.” The attention-grabbing F-cup beauty’Yuna Ishikawa’with a dazzling smile challenges Miss Soap for the first time! Yuna-chan can’t hide her anxiety in the content of her first play. However, whether the goodness of the innate personality is suitable for the hospitality business, with a smile that seems to be fun to grasp the knack immediately, immediate scale and immediate squirrel! Wash your body! Watching the periscope play, I’m so gentle and cute that I’m jealous of you! And finally, lotion mat play! Yuna Ishikawa’s sincere and innocent hospitality … Please take a look.

Date: ธันวาคม 27, 2023
Actors: Ishikawa Yuuna