EBOD-633 Former shot put player who is too cute! Muchimuchi Body Transcendental Beautiful Girl E-BODY Exclusive Contract AV Debut That Was A Topic At The Time On A Huge Bulletin Board Site Kanami Hualien – Takanami Hualien


Takanami Hualien, 20 years old, is a very ordinary female college student who attends a university in Tokyo. Due to his father’s influence, he has been on land since he was a child. ● He was a shot put player until school. She herself has a complex in her plump and chubby body for a long time. But in AV, on the contrary, it appeals to men as her charm. While shy in front of the camera, take off Ubu for the first time, have sex for the first time in tension … It is an AV debut work full of charm of a pure girl.

Date: มกราคม 3, 2024
Actors: Takanami Karen